Have you done everything you can to promote your business and present it in a positive light? Do you have an effective, well designed company website? If you don’t have an effective website for your business, you may be losing a lot of potential customers, and a lot of money.

According to a survey by Genex, an Incorporated 500 company, it is crucial for a business to have an effective company website that is visually appealing, up-to-date, easy to use, and that is rich in information about your company. The survey found that: 65% of potential customers will not shop on a poorly designed website, even if it is the site of a favorite brand; more than 75% of customers between 25 and 34 (the age group that makes the most purchases) say that usability is important in their online and offline purchasing decisions; and almost 30% of consumers will even quit making offline purchases from a company if their online experience at the company’s website is poor.

According to David Glaze, Vice President of Creative, Genex, the survey shows there are “substantial financial consequences” when a company does not pay enough attention to the design and usability of its website.

Some companies that design effective company websites for businesses offer a multitude of services, including website design, video production, advertising design, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Such companies will often design a website for a business and host the site too. Companies that use their services may find it easier to communicate with their customers in an effective and clear manner. They may be less likely to lose customers.

According to experts, an effective company website can provide a path to success. Such a website must be consistent in its design, relevant and compelling, easy to navigate, unique but familiar at the same time, up to date, fun and interactive. If a website for a company is all these things, the company with the effective website may find an increasing degree of business.

Some business experts say that customers often look online first for services or products. If you have an effective website customers will be more likely to buy from you, but the survey by Genex proves if you do not, you may likely lose customers permanently.

One problem is that some business owners think they cannot afford an effective company website. The survey by Genex proves they cannot afford not to have such a website. A website can pay for itself many times over in increased revenue for a business and may not cost as much as a business owner thinks.

Often potential customers will not look past the first page of your company website, so the site must be effective. You should buy from a web design company that knows how to provide SEO services. If SEO services are effectively used, your website could have a higher chance of being found on the first page of an Internet search for your search terms.

To increase your business, make certain you have an effective company website.