MYSQL Query for copying data from one table to another

The following code will copy data from on table to another table. All you have to change the table names and fields name. Also it depends upon your requirement whether to use Where condition or not. So the below code is simple enough to make your task easy.

INSERT INTO tbl_category2 (cat_name,parent_id,status)
SELECT cat_name,parent_id,status
FROM tbl_category where […]

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Read Email Notification through PHP

I found a perfect article on a site regarding this subject which is presented here for your easy reference.

Most modern email client software includes a function whereby a user can send an email “return receipt requested.” This is supposed to email the sender (you) to notify you when your email has been read by the […]

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How will a website help my business

A lot of small business owners who do not have a site keep asking this question—“How will a website help my business?” Before we start talking about the advantages of having a website for your business, it is important to make you aware about a very basic universal truth. Regardless of the advantages that you […]

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Hire WordPress Development company in San Diego

In today’s world everyone wants to have a website, from businesses to people who like writing blogs. The choice of the platform is very important, even more so if you don’t have knowledge in web development and want an easy-to-use platform. With the advent of the Content Management Systems this has become easy. WordPress has […]

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Hire an OpenCart development company in San Diego

So you have started an eCommerce store, for some or other product. It could be hardware, it could be automobile parts, and it could be anything at all. For whatever it is that you want to sell in your online shop, you will require a nice polished site that has a catchy layout, and will […]

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How to update .dwt files of website on live server

If your site have .dwt files and site is on live server then modifying the site will not affect the pages which are using the .dwt file.

You will have to follow the following steps in order to make changes on the live site. In this case I used index.html file to make changes in the […]

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Ebay Custom Design Templates

Ebay Custom Template Design from WebtoniQ Solutions on Vimeo.
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eBay has provided an excellent platform for everyday individuals to sell and buy huge variety of products online. There are endless benefits of working with eBay such as, no hustle to gather the customers, professionalism and reliability, personalized use of your e-store, power of promotional […]

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