who is webtoniq

WebtoniQ was created by the husband and wife paper writer team of Abdifatah Hagisufi and Hani Hussein. It is a start-up company bursting with the talent and vision of Abdi Hagisufi and his wife, while he was an engineering student at University of California at San Diego (UCSD). From just an idea and a dream, the dynamic duo has cutting-edge business, all the while raising an adorable family of three boys and one girl.

WebtoniQ, has a team of designers, programmers and graphic specialists who keep the client in mind from start to finish.  This means constantly challenging the plan of action to make sure that the goal of the project fits the needs of the customer.  WebtoniQ, is skilled in determining the best way to plan digital and web marketing, whether your budget calls for a step by step roll-out or a complete overhaul of an existing website.

Why Choose WebtoniQ?

Most people don’t get through a day without Googling their favorite restaurant, the car repair shop or a review of the next movie they are planning to watch.   A custom web solution means that when a customer is looking for a product online, not only do they find you, they hire you and not someone else.

Don’t drink the Kool Aid of other Web companies who will charge a fortune and not deliver results. The best part of the WebtoniQ custom solution is that we look at the big picture. We can enhance your web platform and build around what you currently have to achieve the results you need, whether it’s updating information or targeting new clients. Maybe you don’t want a traditional web site but want to reach more customers with social media and email. Whatever it is, WebtoniQ can help you dream it, and do it.
WebtoniQ can do it because they know what it is like to come out on top of a tough and competitive market. For more than a decade, WebtoniQ has weathered the economic climate of both the local and global business owner.  Because of the diverse web portfolios WebtoniQ manages for clients, and the drastic, fast-paced changes in technology and programming, Webtoniq has the experience and vision to essay writer launch custom solutions to fit your business needs.  It specializes in helping businesses grow from the ground up because that is exactly how WebtoniQ began, a passion in the heart of CEO Abdifatah Hagisufi to change the way web solutions are delivered – with the you, customer in mind.

WebtoniQ Core Team

Abdi Hagisufi
Abdi HagisufiCEO & Owner
CEO & Founder Mr. Abdifatah Hagisufi can only be described as a self-driven individual who had only one thing in mind when starting WebtoniQ, in 2010, and that was to bring back customer satisfaction to the I.T industry. After all, customers are the driving force of a business.
Hani Hussein
Hani HusseinMarketing Director
I am the standing Marketing Director at WebtoniQ. I graduated from SDSU (San Diego State University) with a bachelors degree of Science of business but a metaphorical personality. Fortunately, I have the pleasure of working alongside my husband Abdifatah Hagisufi CEO to experience the joyous benefits

Our Happy Clients