Who Am I?

I am the standing Marketing Director at WebtoniQ. I graduated from SDSUdo my essay now (San Diego State University) with a bachelors degree of Science of business management with a minor in marketing. Despite my profession, I am a dedicated mother of four, impressionable young children, who I hope to inspire. This same passion and dedication I have towards my children, I consistently bring to my work, in the hopes to expand WebtoniQ even further, as more than just a name, but a metaphorical personality. Fortunately, I have the pleasure of working alongside my husband Abdifatah Hagisufi CEO to experience the joyous benefits that come with the wholesome work environment. After 4 years of working for WebtoniQ, I am still unable to fathom my words into constellation about what it means paper writer to me. Long story short, there’s no company more welcoming and satisfying than Webtoniq.